Here’s one from the new album…

I love it when I listen to an old live album and the crowd doesn’t immediately erupt into applause as soon as they hear the opening riff of a popular song.  It’s not that they’re being polite, reserved and respectful either.  The reason they don’t applaud and “Wooooo!” through the opening bars is because the song is not a hit yet at the time the live album was recorded.  I love this.  It never gets old.  It happened again this afternoon while I was out for a walk.  The live version of Neil Young’s Needle and the Damage Done (Live at Massey Hall 1971) popped up on my iPod and the crowd remained absolutely silent through that beautiful opening guitar riff, a riff that would go on to become one of Neil’s most famous.

I just turned it up, nodded knowingly to no one in particular and continued trudging through the snow like an all-knowing music snob from the future.


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One response to “Here’s one from the new album…

  • Kevin Skubleny

    Hello Garner,

    My Name is Kevin and I realize this was a very old post – but I just bought this “Live at Massey Hall” album set recently – a “new pressing” from London Drugs of all places – cost allot but its great. What a musician Neil is/was – one man show even!

    I played it on my recently aquired and set up DUAL 604 semi automatic direct drive turntable (circa 1971). (I think we might share an interset in such things)

    The experience almost makes up Ol’ Neil talking smack – straight out of his backside – about his trip to Fort Mac recently.

    Anyhow I have to mention something to you for quite some time. I actually married a lady from Moose Jaw with the same surname (Andrews) as yourself. Just one of life’s little coincidences.

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